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11 October 2016 - "Infinitely Curious"

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We had 17 workshops to choose from - 'thank you' to all workshop leaders!
Puzzle Time - Do all puzzles have a solution?
Curious? Creative? Imaginative? Sharp-minded?
This is the place to be! 
As a starter, we will solve together some puzzles that led to important scientific discoveries or marked the beginning of  completely new scientific fields. After that, you will be divided into different groups and will compete to solve puzzles. Finally, the winners of the "puzzle contest" will be announced. 

Workshop leader: Dr. Miroslav Zivkovich, researcher at the University of Amsterdam and puzzle addict
Mission Possible
As young children, most of you thought anything and everything was possible until a more ‘serious’ life began. There was still room for curiosity, creativity and day-dreaming, but soon enough homework and grades (and nagging parents ;-) were on the menu as well. On top of that, you’re growing up in a society that mostly teaches you to feel comfortable with the familiar way of doing things, leading to most people not daring to Think Big. But what if you have this great ‘unrealistic’ idea? Do you let go of it, because society doesn’t believe you can do it? Or do you hang on to it, just knowing you can make it happen? 
By joining this workshop, you’ll learn how to stay in touch with your gut feeling that always knows best, so that you get to live your what-if-anything-is-possible story!

​Workshop leader: Carolina Sleijffers, MSc, founder of Time to Talk

Bricolage means a ‘mash-up’ of a diverse range of resources, skills and tools that are at hand to build unorthodox applications. It’s a creative problem-solving framework that induces innovation in life and thinking. This workshop will show you how bricolage can be extended into creating cool projects, living an interesting life, becoming a DIY tinkerer and an entrepreneurial action-taker. 
This is your opportunity to become a bricoleur who can build anything out of anything; come and view the world differently! 
Workshop leader: Suhaib Aslam, student in the new ATLAS program at the University of Twente
Drama workshop: "Improv your mind"
What is improvisation? What makes a good improviser? How does improvisation relate to real life?
Do you want to learn more? Join this practical drama workshop which aims to expand your improvisational skills in a fun, theatrical way. 

​Workshop leaders: Charlie Delaney and Diego Meelis Madurga, Year 12 students
Being curious together
'I can do it myself'. I am very curious, I have a lot of ideas. But what about that little voice in my head, when I am part of a team?
Would you like to find out? Then come to this workshop where you are invited to bring your curiosity and your imagination and to use it for the benefit of your team. Your own ideas are great, but aren't those of your teammates as well?
Don't we say that in a team 1 + 1 = 3?  Let's prove it together!


Workshop leader: Micky Keeren, writer of fiction in French & Dutch, Former Professor of Intercultural Communication & Management at Novancia Business School and Sorbonne University Paris
Jazz Lounge
How do musicians 'jam' together? How can they play those cool solos without sheet music? Improvisation!
At the Jazz Lounge Workshop, we will discuss and try out musical improvisation techniques for all levels, and you can observe or join in with a jam session with the ISH Funk Band.
Workshop leader: Harry Cherin, professional saxophonist and music teacher at ISH (coordinator of the Music department curriculum, MYP and DP teacher)
Art: create your own infinity logo
Throughout centuries and cultures there have been various types of symbols used to represent infinity.  Have you ever thought about what your own culture might consider a symbol for “forever”?
At our workshop you can explore these different symbols and create your own personalised version using pen, ink and watercolour ecoline. You can keep your own logo design to use for all kinds of things: stickers, jewellery, cards, bookmarks, digital, t-shirts, etc.
Come be curious about your cultural heritage and how to use it in order to make your own unique "infinity logo". 
Workshop leaders: Tina Maria Ortiz and Marie Keaveny, Visual Arts teachers at ISH
Oasish: designing an island in the ISH pond
Artists Annechien Meier and Gert Jan Gerlach combine science and art to “green” our surrounding in a fun and artistic way. They are currently working with the ISH community on the OASISH project and in this workshop we will be talking about and drawing ideas for the OASISH ISLAND in the ISH pond. 
Would you like to see the island become reality? Come and join us!
Workshop leaders: Elisabeth Chute, Subject Area Leader Arts, Visual Arts Teacher and OasISH Project leader; 
Annechien Meier and Gert Jan Gerlach, landscape artists
How to run a chemical weapons investigation
Always wanted to know how the OPCW carries out an investigation of chemical weapon use? 
The workshop will be a simulation of such an investigation! You will first be briefed on the mission before putting on the protective equipment and analysing environmental samples to determine if a chemical weapon has been used.
Workshop leaders: Dr. Jonathan Forman and Mike Barret, OPCW
Training a fox to appreciate art
This workshop by London-based artist and writer Nick Ferguson will consider the agency of animals and the ways in which art can help humans understand it. We will begin with a short passage about a self-portrait of a Celebes crested macaque in Indonesia who picked up a photographer's camera and photographed herself with it. We will use this passage as a springboard for discussion of animal consciousness and of the role animals play in shaping our environment and behaviour. We will finish by looking at some examples of the attempt to embrace animal consciousness in contemporary art.  
Workshop leader: Dr. Nick Ferguson, artist and writer, Richmond, the American International University in London
Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of fighting, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way. Performed by two people, it is often called “Capoeira game” and it is played, rather than being a fight. Capoeira is always played with a smile on one’s face, symbolizing that the capoeiristas are not afraid of the danger that might be coming.
The uniqueness of Capoeira will give your body physical strength, power and flexibility and your mind self-confidence, concentration, courage and creativity.
The only way to truly understand the magnetism of Capoeira is to try it yourself.
Workshop leaders: Serena and Dinho, Gingaxé Mistura de racas
Acapella - singing workshop
Open to everyone who likes singing or who wants to improve their singing skills.
Senior students Maya & Siiri will lead this session enthusiastically with interesting warm-ups and fun songs together with Ms Ogusu, ISH Music teacher.
Workshop leader: Tomoko Ogusu, Music teacher at ISH
Living microchips
For years we have been extending our body with parts of technology. From tools in the Stone Age to exoskeletons today. But what if we turned it around: can we extend technology with parts of our body? Machines are better than humans at repetitive tasks and manipulating small things, and we can make them stronger than we will ever be. But there are many things our body can do better than a machine. What things? And could we use them to improve our models, machines or robots?
We will explore the theoretical possibilities and – maybe even more importantly – the consequences from an ethical point of view. Is it ethical to use a small piece of tissue to test drugs? And what if we were to grow a nose on your smartphone?
Workshop leader: Berend van Meer, Leiden University Medical Center
Dance Workshop
Would you like to try out some new dance movements?
Come and join this contemporary dance workshop where Kiera Drake (Year 12) will share her passion for dance with you!
The workshop is open to all levels as long as you like to move!
Workshop leader: Kiera Drake, Ordinary People Company, CODARTS University of the Arts Rotterdam
Unleash the power of Virtual Reality
Technologies can disrupt industries faster than ever before. Companies like Uber, AirBNB and Tesla are the proof that the world is rapidly changing for businesses, people and the environment. I believe Virtual Reality is becoming one of those technologies that will bring forth new companies that could make the world a better and healthier place. 
I'd like to challenge you to join this workshop where we will think of new Virtual Reality applications that could matter to a hospital, the environment, a business or to the world! I'll also bring some VR gadgets. This might be the first step into a new world! So if you feel like unleashing the power of Virtual Reality and 360° film, come and join the workshop!

Workshop leader: Gijs Molsbergen, founder of Lab4242
(S)Cool on Wheels
Do you want to feel what it’s like to do (top)sports in a totally different way than you’re used to? Are you curious to know how coach John van der Meer tackles life and sports with his physical challenges? He will be there and open to answer all your questions!
When you join this workshop you will experience how it is to play basketball sitting in a wheelchair. Come and give it a try!
Workshop leader: John van der Meer, and AON
Moon deliveries, self-driving cars & high-speed magnetic trains?
Deliveries to the moon? Drones landing on your balcony? Self-driving cars stopping at your doorstep? Or a courier who vacuum-cleans your living room while you try on the pair of Jordans you just ordered online? 
In this workshop we will talk about the future of logistics and how YOU would change the logistic landscape. With the globalization of the world-economy, and the enormous growth of online-shopping, logistics will become a bigger part of our lives. To make this as fast, safe, carbon-neutral and customer-friendly as possible, we’ll pick your brain about what this should look like in the FUTURE!
In short: in this workshop you will be the CEO of the biggest logistics company of the World… Are you up for the job?
Workshop leader: Leendert van Delft, Head of Marketing, DHL, Express Netherlands

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