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11 October 2016 - "Infinitely Curious"

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These were our inspiring speakers at our first TEDxYouth @ ISH event in 2013: 
Ellen Atema

Ellen is a textile technologist and has a passion for natural textiles. Currently she develops textiles from stinging nettles, a fiber used in ancient times that deserves to be rediscovered and conquer the world.

Robert Kooij

Robert sees networks everywhere: in the Dutch Soccer Team, in the Top 2000 song list, in the language development of young children and in the spread of computer viruses. As professor at the Delft University of Technology he is investigating the properties of these kind of networks. But Robert has many more hobbies, such as developing serious games, talking Chinese, juggling, playing the guitar and playing football. His lectures are entertaining because they always contain one of his hobbies.

Hanus  Samró

Author, entrepreneur and the youngest member in the history of the Faroese parliament. Hanus achieved these remarkable features already at the age of twenty-three. That is not the whole story. He was diagnosed with a rare muscular disease at the age of fifteen. He slowly went from being a sporty and healthy teenager to an invalid sportsman. He set three major goals, which he wanted to achieve before turning twenty-five: become an entrepreneur, write a book and become a politician. Hanus graduated from ISH.

Luc Hendriks

Luc is a web developer, theoretical physicist, public speaker and writer. When he was eight years old, Luc started to learn how to program websites and about ten years later he launched his own company in web development. Creating websites is fun to do, but later on he studies physics and astronomy in Nijmegen and he discovers that his real passion is inspiring people about the stars and the universe.

Alex Horin

Alex was born in Kiev, Ukraine, but has been traveling abroad most of his life due to his father’s work. In 15 years he has been to many countries in 3 continents. It is sometimes hard to get adjusted to a new place of living but Alex takes it as a challenge and an opportunity to meet new people while keeping old friendships strong.... Because a friend is worth a lot in this world! Alex is a Year 10 student at ISH.

Ymiel van der Zanden

Ymiel is a senior at the International School of The Hague. Having travelled and lived in various countries throughout his life he is accustomed to change and has developed a habit of helping those around him. Ymiel is founder and team leader of Silverback Engineering, a group of dedicated young students whose objectives include energy efficiency and sustainability. Their final goal is to build a car to race at the annual Shell Eco Marathon.

Katherine Fortier

Katherine works with children, teen-agers, and their families.  As a Child and Educational Psychologist she visits many international schools throughout The Netherlands providing psycho-educational assessments and consultations.

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