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11 October 2016 - "Infinitely Curious"

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We are happy to share the videos of our speakers at TEDxYouth@ISH 2016 !

Liam McClain  Journey to lucidity

I am a graduate of The International School of The Hague. I've been a lover of films my whole life, but only recently distinguished my passion for filmmaking as more than just a hobby. While I care far more for the Arts than I do for the Sciences, I have had a distinct fascination with sleep and dreams for years now. The fusion of these two enthusiasms have lead me to choose filmmaking as my path in waking life while lucid dreaming during the nights.

Sara van Eeghen   Living in the moment

I am half Finnish, half Dutch. I have lived in the Netherlands my entire life, yet feel very international. I am quite a social person and can accept everyone as they are, no matter what the situation. I strive to help people in the future with therapy, especially directed at patients suffering from mental disorders. I have a variety of passions and hobbies, I enjoy being surrounded by nature, doing my pole fitness classes, cooking and spending time with the people I care about. I would call myself a down-to-earth person.

Alexander van Dijk  Let's demolish the Notre Dame! - The value of historical architecture

I am 17 years old and I am passionate about two things: classical music and history. One facet of history I am particularly fond of is historical architecture. I find it fascinating to see and study buildings that are physical remnants of people and societies from the past. I believe that buildings are an important manifestation of the values and beliefs of societies throughout history, and it is amazing to see how human effort and craft can culminate in structures such as historical churches, for which I have a special place in my heart.

Berend van Meer  Organ-on-chips: the power of combination

My field of expertise is Electrical Engineering… but with a twist: there are no wires involved, but biology! Biology is one of the most fascinating and futuristic fields in the world.

The fundamental science itself is of great interest to me, but I also strongly believe we can improve the world in the very near future with applications that are being built today. Growing a part of a human organ on an electronic chip to model diseases or test new drugs? The future is closer than you might think.

Michaela Brchnelova  How to combine scientific and moral curiosity
I am a student in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. Even as a kid I always enjoyed doing my own research projects at home. I believe that exploring your own potential and developing your skills is a great source of long-term happiness and satisfaction in life. My main drive for this speech is to motivate young people to explore their potential instead of doing only what is required by the system, and to show them what one is capable of if they are curious and challenge themselves.
Nick Ferguson  Teaching a fox to appreciate art

I am a London-based artist. My work examines the built environment with a focus on the public sphere.

It involves collaborative projects and acts of making in urban, suburban and rural space through design, performance, sculpture and small-scale architecture. These projects are driven by an underlying interest in how art can contribute to the interpretation and reshaping of space.

Gijs Molsbergen  Making virtual reality matter

I am a creative guy with a ridiculous amount of contagious enthusiasm. I am passionate about Virtual Reality because I know it will help change the world and save lives in the near future.

I am married, live in Scheveningen and like writing about my job. I work at LAB4242, a Virtual Reality development company.

Julia Cramer  Correcting the untouchable

I am a researcher in quantum mechanics, the most counter-intuitive field within physics. The consequences of the laws of quantum mechanics fascinate me. I am turning them to my hand, using them to control the smallest particles such as electrons. Therefore, I work in a dark lab. Every day I learn something new, every day I do something I have not done before. I want to make my dark lab visible to all of you, sharing my fascination for quantum mechanics and showing you the possibilities for future technologies.

Jonathan Forman  The influence of science in   chemical disarmament

I'm currently holding the post of Science Policy Adviser at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). I hold a Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology and worked for a series of venture capital backed startup biotechnology companies before joining the world of international chemical weapons prohibition. 

When not advising diplomats on science, I'm most likely to be found motorcycling my way around the globe.

Oliver Jennrich  From a curious mind to curious objects
I studied Physics, did research in the US (Boulder, Colorado) and Scotland (Glasgow) and have been working since 2002 at the European Space Agency as a scientist for fundamental physics and gravitational waves. Aside from my day job, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to teach our European astronauts about cosmology and relativity and have had the opportunity to talk about the fascinating science of gravity at public evening talks. I firmly believe that nothing is boring and excitement and learning about Nature hides everywhere, waiting to be discovered. 
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