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11 October 2016 - "Infinitely Curious"

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Outline of the Programme

08.00 - 10.15     Plaza
​10.20 - 11.50     MDA
All participants in theatre - Part I
    Music by the ISH Senior Jazz Band
Welcome by Mr Butcher, Principal of Secondary School
Introduction Movie on TED & TEDx
Speaker: Nick Ferguson - Teaching a fox to appreciate art
Speaker: Michaela Brchnelova - How to combine scientific and                 moral curiosity
    Hope for a Change - Original Composition
Speaker: Jonathan Forman - The influence of science in                             chemical disarmament
    Peruvian Folk Dance
Speaker: Alexander van Dijk - Let's demolish the Notre Dame! -                 The value of historical architecture
Speaker: Gijs Molsbergen - Making virtual reality matter
    InCuSounds - Body Percussion
11.50 - 12.55     Plaza
Lunch Break
Discover exhibitions on the Plaza
​13.00 - 14.25     MDA
All participants in theatre - Part II

Poster design by George Cherkov, former ISH student

Speaker: Liam McClain - Journey to lucidity
Speaker: Berend van Meer - Organ-on-chips: the power of                               combination
    World Music - The Long Green Sleeves
Speaker: Sara van Eeghen - Living in the moment
Speaker: Oliver Jennrich - From a curious mind to curious objects
    'Children' Song - Maya and Siiri
Speaker: Julia Cramer - Correcting the untouchable
    'Ordinary People' dance company - CODARTS
Thank you by the organisers
14.25 - 14.45     Plaza
14.45 - 15.30     Rooms
15.35 - 16.00     Plaza
Break with refreshments
Closure by the organisers
Workshops (Classrooms)
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