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11 October 2016 - "Infinitely Curious"

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Applications are now closed !

The theme is   'SPARK  YOUR  TALENT'

A spark is something that gives your life meaning and purpose.
It ‘s an interest, a passion or a gift
by Dr. Peter Benson.

​We want to thank everyone that sent in their application as speakers, workshop leaders or performers
We received a lot of cracking ideas of people who want to share their spark and have a positive impact on our teenagers.

We are currently putting together the programme and we'll be announcing our speakers very soon.


Keep checking back for updates!!!

​Location: Show on Google

MDA, Malcom Davies Auditorium

International School The Hague

Wijndaelerduinweg, 1

2554BX Den Haag


Time: 1-6 pm


Date: 19th March 2013


Open to: Students, Staff and Parents

Photos by Christel Van Meeuwen


9 minutes stage time in front of a live audience of 100 students to share your ideas or

45 minutes workshop with highly motivated and enthusiastic students (max. 20 students per workshop);

Quality recording and publishing of your speech or workshop details on our TEDx website available for a global audience;

The opportunity to meet members of our international school community, fellow speakers, workshop leaders and other distinguished guests.


The International School of The Hague

is hosting a TEDxYouth event

on Tuesday 9th June 2015



The theme is “Beyond Boundaries”


We are looking for speakers and workshop leaders who want to share big ideas and mind-shifting experiences of going beyond ordinary boundaries in scientific research & technological innovation, business thinking & practice, social & cultural issues, creativity & artistic performance, and to have a positive impact,

inspiring teenagers to pursue their dreams and venture outside of their boundaries.


Would you like to join us in celebrating human ingenuity by exploring ideas, innovation and creativity?


Then contact us at  and send us your completed application form by 

Friday 20th February 2015.



Eline Feenstra loves to explore anything, from science to culture, from sports to nature. Her passion for diving brought her to Antarctica twice, before the age of 25, where she conducted SCUBA diving under ten meters thick ice. She is currently a researcher studying the deep ocean, which allows her to travel and explore even more. Her philosophy has no boundaries, as she believes that it is often conventional ideas that limit us in how we perceive ourselves and, even more so, in what we think we are able to do. Her motto is all about doing, as it is action that engenders passion. 

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